Water Repellent and Oil Resistant Finishes

The industry-acknowledged Mystolene range contains water repellent and stain repellent finishes for all types of fabrics and fibres.

Amongst the first to develop water repellent technologies based upon the combination of waxes and metallic salts, the Mystolene range combines flexibility of application and a level of performance which sets industry standards.

Mystolene Al. Triformate - dry chemical proofing > Data > MSDS
Mystolene MK9 - universal water repellent > Data > MSDS
Mystolene PS - wax/rosin combination water resistant emulsion > Data > MSDS
Mystolene SP90 - solvent soluble water repellent > Data > MSDS
Mystolene D2404/1 - water and oil repellent > Data > MSDS