Textile Auxiliaries

For the textiles processing industry, Catomance offers a comprehensive range of specialist finishing agents including auxiliaries for wet processing. Antimicrobial finishes for cellulosic fabrics and other natural fibres, insect resist treatments for wool and wool blends, high performance water repellents, flame retardants, handle modifiers and sewability aids - all these and more may be found within the Catomance textile auxiliaries range.

We supply finishes for industrial and technical textile applications, including leisure tentage, military textiles,emergency relief shelters, marquees, canopies, awnings, commercial vehicle covers, performance apparel, wool carpets and sewing threads. Marketed under the Mystox, Mystolene and Mystolube brands, more specific information may be obtained by following the links below.

> Mystolene

Water repellent and oil resistant finishes

> Mystolube

Fibre lubricants and softeners

> Mystox

Textile and fibre preservatives

> Linsegal

Catomance is the exclusive distributor for Linsegal WRD in the UK and republic of Ireland. Developed by Chemie Impex of Germany and Wools Research Organisation of New Zealand, Linsegal WRD is an innovative technology for the rapid dyeing of wool.