Barrier Coatings for Corrugated Board

The liners of the corrugated board can be made highly water repellent by the surface application of Mystolene MAS, an advanced water repellent based on an aqueous emulsion of paraffin wax and zirconium salts.

Incorporating an anti-slip agent, the treatment of liner surfaces with Mystolene MAS does not decrease the coefficient of friction values. Corrugated board treated with Mystolene MAS may be safely used in food contact applications; the components of the product are listed in the American F and DA regulations.

Mystolene MAS treated liners may be over-printed by letterpress and with flexo printing if inks containing a volatile wetting agent are used. Board treated with Mystolene MAS may be glued using hot melts and many PVA-based adhesives. The treated board is repulpable.