Tanning Agents & Specialty Fat Liquors

The Catomance range of aluminium tanning products offers the possibility of partial replacement of conventional chrome tannages. Improved quality results and environmental control is assisted by significant reductions in chrome effluent levels.

Cost savings, enhanced dye fixation and improved colour yields may also be achieved.

Our range of speciality fat liquors is used to achieve a number of useful effects, including filling and tightening, improving the gloss and handle of fur and wool fibres, and the softening of wool skins.

Mystolene ALT Conc. - aluminium chloride solution > Data > MSDS
Mystolene Al. Triformate - enhanced dye fixation > Data > MSDS
Mystolene FT - filling/tightening > Data > MSDS
Mystolube STL New - glossing agent > Data > MSDS