Enzymes for Leather Processing

The Mystozyme range harnesses the power of selected enzymes in a liquid format for ease of handling and processing.

As natural biological substances, enzymes have a considerably lower impact on the environment than many chemicals. They also speed up processes and are very specific in their activity.

An enzyme is a protein that accelerates the rate of reaction of a specific substance without being changed itself. These biological catalysts enable specific organic substances to be degraded. For example, a protease enzyme has a high degree of selectivity in removing unwanted protein and hair while leaving collagen fibres undamaged.


Mystozyme 2000 - liquid bating agent > Data > MSDS
Mystozyme ECO-S - liming auxiliary > Data > MSDS
Mystozyme B10 - liquid bating agent > Data > MSDS
Mystozyme PAS - powdered bating agent > Data > MSDS
Mystozyme ABL NEW - acid bating agent > Data > MSDS