Mould Resistance Testing

Purpose-built laboratories at Catomance Technologies perform microbiological testing on a wide range of materials and products. This includes mould resistance challenge testing to recognised national and international standards.

Items tested include:

  • aerospace components
  • electronic equipment
  • printed circuit boards
  • vehicle components
  • telecommunications equipment
  • construction materials
  • cables
  • hoses, pipes and tubes
  • packaging materials
  • textiles
  • leather
  • mastics and sealants
  • paints and varnishes
  • ceramics
  • adhesives
  • rubber products
  • lubricants and coolants
  • marine equipment

Other test protocols and specifications can be made available. Please contact us for more details.

We provide a high quality service at all stages of the testing and reporting process. Assistance in defining your test requirements, scheduling and time scales is given. At the end of the test period we make available the facility for you to carry out on-site functional testing of the equipment, if required.

Our comprehensive test report includes detailed results of microscopical examination of the test components and a photographic record of performance. Advanced digital photography is used in the preparation of the report which is delivered on a Compact Disc. Printed versions of the report can also be made available.